IET Systems Survellance Solutions

Surveillance systems are critical in keeping your company or organization secure and running efficiently. IET can help you monitor your operations with an abundance of surveillance options, including CCTV and IP camera systems, online DVR access, intelligent video analytics and interactive two-way audio.

CCTV & IP Camera Systems

Effectively monitor your indoor and outdoor locations with greater confidence with IET's extensive line of CCTV and IP camera systems. Our basic CCTV, or closed-circuit television, systems are typically used for surveillance in any areas that need to be monitored in both the private and public sectors. These CCTV systems offer optimum security management and safer working environments for your team. Centralized or decentralized IP camera systems offer a more advanced solution, with higher resolutions, two-way data and audio capabilities and the ability to stream digital video. The IET team can help determine which camera system is right for you.

Online DVR Access

Many video surveillance systems offer the feature of online DVR access. The advantages to recording surveillance video to DVR are plentiful, such as sharper images and longer recording times. And with IET's special remote software, you can have the flexibility of connecting to any of your video surveillance systems and view live or saved footage from virtually anywhere.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent video analytics are growing in popularity, especially within the government and industrial channels. These systems reference frames of video and compare each frame to pinpoint any suspicious behavior. IET can install intelligent video analytics on your surveillance systems, so you can monitor for criminal activity and improve overall security.

Interactive Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio systems allow a device to both transmit and receive and can be utilized in various configurations, including mobile, handheld portable and stationary base styles. IET is skilled in integrated all types of two-way audio systems, including conventional systems, trunked systems, push-to-talk, simplex channels and duplex channels, into your current security and surveillance operations.