IET Systems Monitoring & Safety Solutions

As experts in security systems integration for over 20 years, IET's top priority is to keep your property and your staff safe and secure. Our vast experience in all types of security applications allows us to customize a system that will not only meet, but exceed your needs and expectations.

Intrusion & Perimeter Monitoring

Keeping your business safe from intruders is a priority for any business owner. IET's fully integrated intrusion and perimeter protection systems give you the ultimate protection from the outside in. Perimeter protection is your first line of defense from intrusion or other possible threats. Once an intruder triggers any of our perimeter protection devices, an urgent notification is sent to a monitoring station or command center. Your overall security is enhanced with a burglar monitoring system, which may include motion detectors, glass break sensors and door and window contacts. IET can design and install a reliable and effective burglar monitoring system customized for your business, no matter how basic or sophisticated a system you need. Don't get caught unprotected – IET can help.

Access Control Solutions

Some facilities require the ability to control access to certain areas or assets. An access control system from IET allows businesses to have just another level of protection to keep their building secure and keep security risks out. Basic, semi-intelligent and intelligent access control systems offer various levels of protection to suit your needs. IET also provides biometric systems, where certain physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints or retinas, are uniquely recognized, to gain access.

High-Security Applications

IET is heavily involved with businesses and organizations in the government and industrial fields. With years of experience in all aspects of security, IET can customize high-security applications for any critical situation your business may experience and create a fully integrated high-security system to protect your property, assets and staff.

Environmental Monitoring

In addition to fire protection monitoring, IET also offers environmental monitoring services. Environmental monitoring is often used by federal and state government agencies to identify environmental dangers, assess potential impact and evaluate environmental programs and processes. Water levels, air quality and humidity are just a few of the key elements we can monitor in and around your business. IET will discuss your goals with you to construct the best monitoring setup for your company.