IET Systems Communications Solutions

In any aspect of your business or organization, communication is vital. IET can keep your team connected in any emergency or non-emergency situation. Our integrated systems use the latest technology in microwave transmission and fiber optic cabling to support all of your communication needs. For a brief overview of our communication services, you may download our information sheet here.

Structured Voice & Data Cabling

As opposed to conventional wiring, structure voice and data cabling has a higher capacity to allow for faster voice and data transmission. When installed at your location, the structured cabling system can support all types of telecommunications, including telephone and computer networking, helping all of your communications within your business run fast and smooth. IET will work with you to plan and construct a structured cabling system to support all of your business' telecommunications needs.

Fiber Installation & Maintenance

The use of fiber optic cabling in communications has become more widespread as technology continues to become more advanced. Fiber optic cabling is more reliable and durable than other types of cabling systems and can also produce a higher bandwidth. Signals can be carried over a greater distance, allowing for higher quality transmission. IET has a wealth of experience improving companies' communication networks with the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cabling systems.

Microwave Transmission Systems

IET's unparalleled knowledge and experience in microwave transmission technology affords us the opportunity to develop comprehensive communications systems for clients in the government, industrial and commercial fields. Whether your project is big or small, simple or complex, IET's hardware and software capabilities, coupled with our years of experience in this technology, will keep you connected.

Command Centers

A command center is a centralized location where information can be gathered, processed, analyzed and disseminated and is often a critical component in communications for government agencies, military operations and industrial corporations. IET has the tools and experience necessary to build and maintain your command center for better communication and efficient operations.